I am brave in the face of adversity.

It has taken my whole life to gain this courage and I am grateful for the journey. I am amazed at myself to see how far I have come.

Now, I can stride confidently into the fog of Illusion only to see FEAR as it truly is: False Evidence Appearing Real.

I have learned many ways to face my challenges.

Sometimes, I face adversity head on and fight like a brave Musketeer. I use my mind like a sharp sword to slay the dragon like St. George of old.

Sometimes, I face adversity like a river. I flow over the rocks of frustration. I go around the bend of disappointment. I tunnel under boulders and create bridges across chasms of misunderstanding.

I realize that overcoming adversity over and over has made me stronger. I look forward to the challenges now. I keep moving forward.

I let nothing stand in my way.

As I continue to find creative ways to turn my challenges into opportunities, I change my perception. I make my problems disappear. Things that used to bother me become small and insignificant. I grow in my confidence.

I share this knowledge and wisdom with others. The student has become the teacher as I show others how they, too, can conquer adversity.

Today, nothing can overcome me. I am FEARLESS!

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What is the greatest thing I have learned in overcoming adversity?
2. What have I learned about myself?
3. How can I give back to my community?

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